MaST III Uniform Info

MaST III - Crown Campus

Uniform Guidelines

*Please note, uniform polos, collared shirts, and sweaters must be embroidered and purchased from Flynn O’Hara.*

K-8 Shirt:

  • Flynn O’Hara purchased columbia blue polo shirt (Long/Short Sleeved).

  • Flynn O’Hara purchased quarter zip up, cardigan, v-neck or sweater.

Pant Options:

  • Pants can be purchased at Flynn O’Hara or anywhere.

  • Khaki, Charcoal, or Black Pants, Walking shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers

  • Length must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.

  • Leggings and pajama bottoms are not permitted

Shoe/Belt Options:

  • Shoes and belt can be purchased anywhere.

  • Black/brown leather belt (optional for K-4)

  • All dress shoes or sneakers are permitted. No flip flops, open toed shoes, sandals, slippers, or moccasins.

Physical Education Options:

  • School store purchased items.

  • Items purchased through extracurricular fundraisers

  • PE uniform purchased at Flynn O’Hara.

  • Any color sneaker.

Spirit Wear Days: School Store Website -

- Every Friday or last day of the week (if off on Friday).

- Any special spirit day that is announced by administration.

  • MaST gear such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, or anything purchased at the MaST school store.

  • Jeans

  • MaST Sweatpants

  • MaST Uniform pants or MaST gym shorts

  • Items purchased at the school store

  • Official school team jersey is permitted.

  • Sneakers or uniform shoes only

  • Leggings and pajama bottoms are not permitted

  • No tank tops, flip flops, open toed shoes, sandals, slippers, or moccasins

MaST III - Crown Campus

Flynn O'Hara Shopping Link & Info

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